Saturday, September 13, 2008

Autoweek's Fiesta Review

Autoweek has gotten its hands on a Euro-spec 2009 Ford Fiesta and has written a few words about it. They have pretty high praise for the subcompact, which is (thankfully) headed to the U.S. In fact, the magazine goes as far as to say, "The Fiesta is as good a small car as can be found sourced anywhere in the world." Sounds pretty good to me!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I think the Fiesta is one of the best-looking cars Ford has produced in many years. A bold shape coupled with what will hopefully be a good engine (i.e. class-competitive in performance and fuel economy) could mean serious competition for the Japanese and Korean automakers. I, for one, hope they sell like hotcakes. GM -- take note!

You can read the entire review below.

Ford Fiesta First Drive: The party's coming to America -- Hooray! (


D2M said...

Arg! I hope it's out before we move back to the states! I can get an awesome deal on a Ford because my husband is military but ONLY while I'm over seas.

Fiesta is quite possibly the nicest looking small car I've seen coming over here. I think people will buy it if they bring it over.

nlpnt said...

Fingers crossed that they don't try to "adapt it for American tastes" (read:dumb it down) like the '80s Escort or remove as much cost as they did from the first year or so of the Focus (11 recalls on 2000 models...) The rumor that we're now supposed to get all three bodies instead of just a sedan is a good sign.

Ford needs a hit badly, and this could be it.

Unknown said...

And just when Ford is starting to get some senses, the oil price is slipping...! As of writing, it's half of what it was half a year ago.