Saturday, August 23, 2008

More 2009 Honda Fit reviews

The '09 Honda is starting to get some reviews by the automotive press. Here are a few links to the reviews/drives:

Car and Driver: 2009 First Drive/Review

Edmund's Inside Line: Fit First Drive

Automobile magazine: Review

Motor Trend: First Drive

Road and Track: Just Released

Autoblog: First Drive

Popular Mechanics: Test Drive



D2M said...

I was wondering when we'd see more reviews for the Fit. I'm really glad they're releasing it before we move back to the states. This'll give us ample time to decide which small car we really want. (I'm a little annoyed at Ford. They should release that new little car--fiesta or whatever?--before we leave too! We could actually get a nice discount on it then. :P )

Andy Lilienthal said...

I think the new Fit is going to be another example of some of the great subcompact options we'll have in the U.S. I think the Fiesta is also going to be a great vehicle. Can't wait for them both!

Speedmaster said...

I've been keeping on eye on the Fit updates. Thanks for the links!