Saturday, August 9, 2008

A history of wheels on my Yaris.

Well, I bought another set of wheels for the Yaris. I missed the orange wheels I had previously, so I bought another set. This time, they're Maxxim Assaults (Maxxim is a brand imported by Konig wheels).

Although I've only had my Yaris about a year, I've now had five sets of wheels (including the stockers) on it. Call me indecisive. Call me a cheap wheel whore. I figured I'd post up a brief history of custom wheels on the 'ol Yaris.

Rays Texan Shotguns

These were a project. I bought them from a JDM wheel importer in California. They were NOT in good shape. They were a two-piece wheels that I disassembled, had the old chrome stripped, and then I had the aluminum polished. I then re-assembled them and threw my Yokohamas on. The centercaps were far from perfect, and I couldn't get replacements. Oh well, they still looked great! However, unfortunately, the combination of a 205/50/16 tire and a 16x7, +37 wheel meant lots-o-rubbing. So I traded them.

Speedmaster SM-046 "Team Orange"

I traded my Rays/Yokohamas for a set of Speedmaster "Team Orange" wheels with Kuhmo AST tires. The wheels were 15x6.5, +38. Tires were 205/50/15. And guess what? More rubbing. I really enjoyed the look, got lots of comments. Some people didn't like them, but I did. Unfortunately, they also rubbed a lot, especially under hard cornering and large dips/bumps. I decided to sell these guys a few months ago. I almost immediately missed them.

Speedy Race Modes

After selling my Speedmasters, I decided I wanted another set of orange wheels. I had ordered a set of Konig Daylights in orange, wrapped in Yokohama S-drive tires. However, they were backordered for more than a month. I'll admit it -- I got impatient. I decided to buy the Speedy Race Modes. They only weighed about 13 lbs. each, and I got a smokin' deal on them from an Internet wheel company called Wheel Fire. I waited about three weeks for them, and threw them on June 13. I was content with the "Panda" black-and-white look for a while on my car, but I've always thought of these wheels as a Honda wheel. They looked like Rota Slipstreams which looked like Spoon SW388s or Desmond Regamasters. They are nice wheels, but in the end, they weren't for me. They, however, barley ever rubbed thanks to the 195/55/15 Falken Ziex 912 tire size and 15x6.5, +40 wheel size. Right size, wrong style for me.

Maxxim Assaults

My latest purchase! I got a great deal from JLB Motor Sport on these, and I love them. (I'd bought stuff from JLB in the past -- great e-retailer). They're the same size as the Speedy Race Modes and now wear the Falkens, but the look is what I want. Plus, they only weigh 11.4 lbs. each. I'll probably stick with these for a while.


Anonymous said...

This looks great I have never seen anything like it before thanks for sharing.
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I wanted orange wheels but EVERYONE I asked said no but clearly they were wrong...