Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bigger prices for smaller cars

An article in the July 7 edition of Automotive Newsthat said the transaction price, aka the price that's actually paid by the consumer, of some small cars has increased for the month of June.

The article states that sales price of the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, and Chevy Aveo have increased 1.7% to an average of $14,825.

A few subcompacts decreased in transaction price, including the Nissan Versa (-1.5%) and the Hyundai Accent (-4.6%). For reference, the top overall vehicle was the Toyota Matrix with a +12.9% increase; the Jeep Patriot wast he biggest loser with a -10.6% decrease in paid price.

It's not surprising that people are now willing to pay a bit more to have a car that uses a bit less due to the cost of gasoline being so high.

If you've got a subscription to AN you can read the full story below.

Small-car transaction prices rise in June

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