Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nissan Cube at

The folks over at have managed to get their hands on a JDM-spec Nissan Cube. This little vehicle, whose next generation is supposed to come to the U.S. soon, is set to steal the hearts of first-generation Scion xB owners.

Autoblog's Cube is the e4WD model that uses the standard front-wheel drive platform, but incorporates an electric motor at back to turn the rear wheels. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyone that's ever wondered what it's like to drive one will probably find this a very entertaining read; I did.

In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 Nissan Cube

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D2M said...

Oh! I've seen the Nissan Cube around, I just didn't know it's name. (I live in Japan.) Boxy cars are super popular here, but the Nissan Cube still manages to stand out from the rest with it's unique grill and front light styling.

I bet it'd sell well in the States where boxy cars make up, what 5% of the total market? The Cube would REALLY stand out. Great "statement" car... though what it's saying I dunno but it'll definitely make some type of statement...