Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small Car Sales Up

Small car sales are up for April, 2008. The biggest b-segment winner is Suzuki, whose SX4 has increased sales a whopping 119% from April of 2007! Here's a complete list of the April 2008 subcompact sales changes from April 2007:

Suzuki SX4: up 119%
Toyota Yaris: up 46%
Hyundai Accent: up 41%
Honda Fit: up 38.5%
Mini (all): up 28.6%
Nissan Versa: up 26.4%
Kia Rio: up 23.6%
Chevrolet Aveo: up 23.5%

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BSP_yaris said...

I hope this is the start of us being weaned off our oil-thirst. This makes me optimistic. The sad thing is, this type of behavior can only be encouraged through continued high oil prices.