Friday, March 21, 2008

Nissan Cube is a 'Yes' for the U.S.

It looks like yet another subcompact vehicle is headed to the U.S.!

For several years now, there has been speculation that the Nissan Cube, a boxy urban vehicle similar to Scion's first-generation xB, would hit the U.S. showrooms. However, it just never seemed to happen. However, it was announced at the New York Auto Show that Nissan is officially bringing the Cube to the U.S. Perhaps Nissan will gain some of the market that Scion has lost (and continues to lose) with the second-generation xB, since the Cube is small and boxy – just like the original xB.

Nissan says they'll debut the new U.S.-bound Cube at the L.A. Auto Show this fall. The photo above is the current Cube, which is sold in Japan.

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